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Parking Information

Know where to park! Find your show to learn about parking at the event. Click any of the links under your event for Google Maps waypoints, or our Parking Lot Map. Want to park with a little more confidence? Purchase your spectator tickets & parking in advance using the buttons in your event. General Parking in a Carlisle Events Operated Lot is $10 per day.

Handicapped parking is available at all of our events. Please inquire at the entry gates to be directed to handicapped spaces.

Trailer parking is also available at all of our events. Click here for more information

Check out our Advance Arrival Planner to have all the tools you need to successfully plan your trip to Carlisle!

Understand that at some events, parking may meet capacity at busy times, so make alternative plans whenever possible.

Parking Lot Locations

Carlisle Events Parking: Spectators enter the parking lot from Clay Street, Trailers and Campers enter at 119 Carlisle Springs Road
Gate 5 Parking: Spectators enter from Cavalry Road
Gates 1 & 3: Spectators, Trailers and Campers enter the Carlisle Fairgrounds at Gate 1 (Clay Street next to school) and Gate 3 (K Street)

Book with a preferred Hotel

Book online or call (800) 216-1876